The lakes and streams in our region have only Rainbow and Brown trout, no other species have been introduced. With no competition for food they grow an inch (2.5cm) a month in their second year.

"I have been Trout Fishing all my life. My grandfather introduced me to the sport at the age of 7 and I commenced guiding in 1972. The trout in Lake Rotorua are improving in size every year as you can see from the updated photos on this site.

People ask me 'How can you enjoy fishing every
day?' my answer is 'there are no two days the
same in fishing' and it's true

There are eleven fishable lakes in the Rotorua Area. Lake Rotorua is open for fishing 12 months of the year. The other lakes and most of the rivers close for spawning from 1st July and reopen on the 1st October. The streams running into Lake Rotorua reopen on the 1st of December.

Lake Rotorua is the most productive of all the lakes, most are restocked every year but Lake Rotorua trout regenerate themselves with no fish and game hatchery help.

On Lake Rotorua we find light tackle trolling is the best. The average Rainbow trout is 3lb (1.35kg). Brown trout average 5lb (2.7kg) in weight and amount to 1% of the catch. Takeable length of all fish has to be over 14 inches (35cm).

There are countless fly fishing streams in the Rotorua District but the one we use for fly fishing is on Private land so it is not over fished, with nice Rainbows and Browns being quite plentiful.

A very good condition Brown Trout, 6 3/4 lb and only 21 inches long.3rd Dec.2004
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Lake Rotorua has the greatest wild trout population per acre of any lake in the world!